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  • Over the years, Neil Saunders has heard just about every excuse available for not playing on any particular day. Having my hair cut...going bed shopping....trying on a a band session....feel tired....been listening to Coldplay too much and just want to sit in a corner and cry. And those alone were from David Bridge one day in June, 2005 . But Rob Layzell stumped Finny good and proper when he said 'I'm going off to work in Canada'. Even the Hairy One didn't have a comeback for that one. First, Chiefy (son of legendary Burnham policeman) said he'd be away a year. Then it was two years, then three. Rumours circulated, including one suggesting that he'd had a sex change and was now living happily as Elizabeth in Frinton. But now he's back and he's still a boy, which is great because few people have the capacity to score runs so quickly. Chiefy is one of those wonderful people who completely disregard the notion of 'playing yourself in'. If it's up there first ball, it's gotta go. And it's got to go a long way. Second ball, ditto. Third ball, ditto. In fact, with Rob, it's all got to go - just like when Woolworths closed down (where does everyone get their pic 'n' mixers from now?). Want an example? Away to Southweald in 2006. We are 5 down and struggling in the 30th over. Chiefy comes in and smashes 91 not out - would have got a ton had he faced a ball in the last 3 overs. Great fun to watch. Dave Lucy never knew where to bat him and tried him everywhere in the order. Dave did realise that Chiefy was born to be our 'jelly baby' carrier. Had them crunched up in his pockets every week waiting for a wicket to fall. Nobody ever filled the void. Chief, welcome home.
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    Duck Trophy - 2013, Duck Trophy - 2017, Fielder of Year 1st XI - 2017, Six Hits - 2014, Top Batsman 2nd Team - 2014

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27 Aug 2022 1st XI v Old Chelmsfordians 2  Ct 0, St 1, Ro 0
20 Aug 2022 1st XI v Ilford Catholic CC 1st 27  Ct 0, St 0, Ro 0
06 Aug 2022 1st XI v Ingatestone 1st 7  Ct 1, St 0, Ro 0
30 Jul 2022 1st XI v Basildon & Pitsea 1st 33  Ct 1, St 0, Ro 0
23 Jul 2022 1st XI v Terling 1st 18  Ct 0, St 0, Ro 0
09 Jul 2022 1st XI v Writtle 1st 2  Ct 0, St 0, Ro 0
02 Jul 2022 1st XI v Epping Foresters 1st 14  Ct 0, St 1, Ro 0
25 Jun 2022 1st XI v Old Chelmsfordians 1st 50*  Ct 0, St 0, Ro 0
11 Jun 2022 1st XI v High Roding 1st 13  Ct 0, St 0, Ro 0
04 Jun 2022 1st XI v Ingatestone 1st 17*  Ct 0, St 0, Ro 0