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Burnham Sports Cricket Club 

Welcome to the official website of Burnham Sports Cricket Club.  The word 'official' is redundant, really, because we are unaware of any 'unofficial' sites dedicated to us. If anybody fancies creating a cheap imitation then, by all means, be our guest.

Confusingly, there are other Burnham cricket sites (but not unofficial ones).  For a start, there is Buckinghamshire-based Burnham Cricket Club, which we are led to believe was founded in 1828, making it one of the oldest clubs in the country. Apparently, it nestles (lovely word, reminds me of the chocolate makers)  between the serenely Burnham Beeches, a National Trust beauty spot and Cliveden Estate. This club's other groups include a Petanque Section and Crib teams. Clearly, a class act.

Then,  there is Burnham On Sea, based in Somerset. The photo on the front cover of their glossy site shows a guy at mid-wicket with a bright red, floppy hat. He's got his hands in his pockets. Doesn't really send out the right message.

Perhaps the guy is a cider-drinking cousin of our very own Dominic Whittaker (not known for red hats but renowned for always having his hands down his trousers). There are also prominent adverts for two boiler firms. Our site, we are delighted to announce, is boiler free but does have a warm glow about it
There's also a Burnham cricket club in Slough. Their site is infuriating - no mention of cricket at all; just adverts. Like a neglected garden that's been taken over by weeds and stinging nettles. Guess the same could happen on here if we get lazy: please tell us if you see any adverts creeping in.

Anyway, I digress. Burnham Sports Cricket Club, sponsored by Brooks Macdonald, is situated by the River Crouch and the town itself is famous for its  sailing industries and numerous yacht clubs.   There are also copious restaurants and ale houses to enjoy for those who want to do a bit more than merely indulge in our wonderful summer sport.

The Cricket Club was founded in the mid-1960s, although the sport  has been played in the town for a lot longer. Originally, matches were played at the ‘Ironworks’, near where the doctor’s surgery now resides.  

The club puts out two teams each weekend, with sides in Division One and Division Seven of the T.Rippon Mid-Essex League on Saturday. In midweek, we hold nets at our ground (on the square). If you are aged 13 or over, and are interested in playing, feel free to join us. Equipment can be provided. Phone Neil Saunders, our club secretary, on 01621 784182 for more information.

We welcome new members, young or old, whether interested in playing a high standard of competitive league cricket or social cricket. Please get in touch.